Monday, December 8, 2008

Photo updates

Photos from October and November have finally been posted, and so I can show you, in reverse chronological order, what I've been talking about.

First, our living room. In November, we finally unpacked and hung our artwork. This happened a few weeks after we got a new sofa. That means in three short months, the living room has changed from a mountain of boxes into a room where people sit and read and blog and live. I love love love having a nice living room. It looks like people actually live here. Pictures to prove it:

The best part of that second picture is that the gaping hole by the stairs has now been tastefully repaired.

That's the new sofa. Thanks, Ikea.

Second, pictures of Halloween. Below, the trick-or-treaters.

Jonathan was a dinosaur above, and a tiger during the rest of the day.

These next pictures were taken from my front lawn in mid October, while I found the beauty of each day nearly overwhelming. This new home I live in is spectacularly beautiful, inside and out.

See how close we are to the imposing mountains above? And this tree, below, belongs to the house across the street.
And this one to the house just up the street.
October was stunning.

Finally, a couple of photos from a homecoming parade. My mom and dad and "little" brother slept in our basement and walked over to see the parade with us. I love living within walking distance of my work. I love it that my work will hold fabulous parades every October for the foreseeable future. Even if I still can't bring myself to cheer for their football team.

Ha ha. Just a joke, Bob. I'm actually a huge fan of 'our' football team. Yup. Go team.

Finally, an update. Luckily, the daughter is doing well enough that she is back home, and school is back on tomorrow. This is a huge relief to the selfish me, who wanted Jonathan to be well cared for tomorrow, and a huge relief to the me who was shocked at my selfishness when recalling that there was a sick human being involved. I have made a resolve first, to think more of others and hope that by being a little more aware, I can be a little less selfish. Second, to be more appreciative of the wonderful things that are my life. Like my health, my family, my beautiful living room, and pictures of October in my new home. And the fact that professors don't really have to cheer for the football team. I can pretend I'm just studious and oblivious when I "accidentally" wear the wrong colors.

Ha ha. Still kidding, Bob.


Letterpress said...

Looks great. I loved the fall color, as we don't get much of that here. I have only 2 more days of school. Repeat: 2 more days, 2 more days. Then grading. But, remember! 2 more days! Are you finished?

Mark and Emily said...

What a beautiful piano quilt hanging on your wall. Whoever made that for you must love you a lot! :) The house looks great...I hope to see it in person (once again, but in its finished state)!

Jessica said...

Yup -- I really love that quilt. Maybe in a year or so the house will be in its finished state....