Sunday, December 14, 2008

That didn't work

We've been trying to encourage Jonathan to stop sucking his thumb. One thing that seems to work is putting socks over his hands to prevent thumb sucking at night.

Thursday night Jonathan called out from his room an hour or so after bedtime. His little hands were too hot. Could he please take off the socks?

Daddy went in and took pity upon him. Instead of the socks, he brought in some soap and rubbed it all over the thumbs. That way when Jonathan tried to put his thumb in his mouth, he'd taste the nasty soap and pull it out. And the little thumbs wouldn't overheat.

About a half hour later there was another call from Jonathan's room.

"Daddy! I need more soap!"


"Because I can't taste it anymore!"

We put the socks back on and removed a blanket instead.

1 comment:

Letterpress said...

Funny kid. My parents tried everything: nasty tasting stuff, bandaids, bribes. Nothing worked. But I don't think they tried the socks.

Let me know how this one works.