Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have been unpacking.

When I first saw the massive pile of boxes in the living room, full of stuff that has been in storage for over a year, I thought, "Wow, we own a lot of stuff!"

Several hours later, having made only the smallest of dents in the pile, I am now thinking, "Wow, we own a lot of paper."

That stack is only a small part of the packing paper that has been unpacked so far. These boxes are but a small fraction of the boxes yet to come.

Back to work.


Letterpress said...

And then the fun of getting rid of the paper and the boxes. I still have some of the flat boxes from our move from DC--it's that old, waste-not-want-not philosophy.


Equinox said...

Sometimes unpacking can be like Christmas! Sometimes it's also easier to throw out things while unpacking ("why in the world did I keep this?") than it is packing it up ("I can't throw that out!").

Kudos to you and your little guy for traveling so long with relatively little incident. Welcome back! It's nice to visit The Clown and Poker.