Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yogurt again

Let's talk about our food again. Specifically, I'd like to follow up on my yogurt post from last March.

Back in July-ish, Tim and I bought a serious food dehydrator, to handle the bushels and bushels of apricots we were picking off our tree, as well as apples and raspberries and currants and whatever else we were harvesting.

The food dehydrator has a temperature control. It is able to maintain low, warm temperatures consistently.

Which is perfect for yogurt.

It also came with its own yogurt recipe: Milk. Some powdered milk to thicken it. Yogurt start. Keep at 115 degrees for 3 hours. Voila. Perfect yogurt.

We have made yogurt three times now, to rave reviews. It has been thick, smooth, creamy. Not at all lumpy or sour. Especially good when made with whole milk.

Tim, who is a bit of a yogurt snob, compared it to Landliebe yogurt. Natural. Creamy. In a jar. As a family, we spontaneously broke out into singing all the German songs we know at the first spoonful. Luckily,we don't know any German songs as a family, and so instead we could concentrate on eating.


Good stuff.


Frau Magister said...

Liebe ist, wenn es Landliebe ist.

Anonymous said...

Ahh... yogurt. Thanks for the follow-up. I had wondered if you'd ever leave the family recipe behind. I'm sure your grandmother will understand.

Landliebe? hm. Never tried that. I mostly ate Quark while I was over there, for no reason other than I can't seem to get it here. It didn't come in a jar, but it was tasty. If you ever figure out how to make that in your kitchen, please post it. I admit I've never tried.