Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Carving pumpkins

November 1st. We carved pumpkins tonight.

I know, you are saying, aren't we a little late on the pumpkin carving thing? That was supposed to happen in October.

Walking Jonathan home today, I reminded him: "Monday night. What do you want to do for FHE?"

"Carve pumpkins!"

"...Why not?"

So we hauled in the two pumpkins we bought on sale last week, and cut them open, emptied their guts, and carved them.

When I say we carved them, what I mean is that when I turned my back to dispose of pumpkin guts, Jonathan picked up the knife and declared he was going to cut out an eyeball. Thus followed the most frightening event of all of October and November so far: a six year old wielding a knife.

"Jonathan don't hold the knife like that! Watch your finger! Don't jam it in with your head there! Be careful!"

"Mom, would you stop saying that?"

"No! Are you sure you don't need my help?"

He did an excellent job. No blood. No severed fingers. After carving the little pumpkin, he decided it would make a nice head for the big pumpkin, which would serve as a body. Then he carved four arms in the big one, pulled out the carved pieces and stuck each back in sideways, along with a foot and a belly button.

I was floored. Where did he get the idea for carving such a pumpkin? Sure, the technique was not that great, for a kid who is not allowed near a carving knife on a typical day. But the vision was amazing.

Perhaps we will make an artist out of this boy after all.

After carving the pumpkin, Jonathan declared he wanted to put candles inside. So we found the candles and took them outside. Jonathan also wanted candles next to the pumpkins, like in a "spooky haunted house." So we lit candles and put them next to the pumpkin. Then the boy stood on the porch and in his spookiest voice, welcomed the backyard world to our haunted house.

Me, I stood on the patio watching the show, partly proud at my little monster, but especially relieved that he still had all his fingers and eyes. Thank goodness Halloween is over.

Next Monday he's going to ask to make pumpkin pies, I know it.