Monday, April 12, 2010

Things other people enjoy that give me a migraine.

Another item for my list.

Item #3: Amusement parks.

Fifty-five thousand people. Hot sun glaring down. Lines over an hour long. On the feet, shuffling forward, stopping and waiting. Shuffling some more. Squinting under the sun. Hat. Sunglasses. Squint. Shuffle. Lean on the rails. Shift from one foot to the other. Finally reach the end of the line. Get packed into a little box with a plastic seat, almost no padding. Throw you up a hill and then down screaming. Adrenaline rushes through the body, sending the blood pounding up into the brain and into the eyeballs. Jerked right, left, stop, forward, backward, whoop. Up. Down. More adrenaline. Blood coursing through the eyeballs. Bright lights. Loud noise. Jerk. Grind the spine against the seat a bit. Brace yourself. Blood pounding. Ears throbbing. Left, right. Stop. Climb out. Wobble a bit. Back on your feet. Stumble to the exit. Elbow through the crowds. Time for the next line. Stand. Shuffle. Shift feet. Sip some lukewarm water. Adjust the hat. Squint.

In retrospect, amusement parks have always been giving me migraines, at least back to when I was 16 years old. I remember distinctly spoiling all the fun of my brother and my dad at Six Flags that summer.

Now I am married to a man who can't think of anything more fun than a five day pass to his favorite park. I negotiated an extra working trip to Southern California under condition that I drop him and the boy off at said park and join them for the weekend.

And today I returned home with nine fewer migraine pills. (Though technically two of those were used up earlier in the week.)

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Letterpress said...

So does that mean you came to Dizzyland this weekend? Too fun--hope it didn't rain on you!