Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dads are dumb heads

The elementary school holds special monthly breakfasts for dads and their children. Food is provided for a nominal cost, and a speaker comes in and tells them how to be excellent dads.

So it's a great idea. And since dads are dumb heads, it's also an important service to the community.

The crazy questions in the back of my mind: If they are presenting good advice for dads, wouldn't that advice also be good for a mom? Why not invite both parents and stop sending the implicit message that dads are stoopid and need more help?

The implicit answer: Because then only the moms would show up.

Teachers? What do you think about this elementary school program?


Lisa, Skye & little MC said...

I don't know what teachers would say, but as I mother I KNOW my husband wouldn't show up if I could go.

Mark and Emily said...

Wait, what? Students out there have dads???? I don't think those exist out here!