Monday, July 13, 2009

NYC photos

This is what New York City looked like in June.

Below you find your favorite people in Washington Square on a cloudy cool Sunday. If Jonathan looks grumpy, it's because the weather was really too cold to be sporting swimwear like that green girl. And he was forbidden to get wet and cold that early in the day....

... Because we had to hike him across the Brooklyn Bridge. No, I don't know why he really needed to be dry for that. Can you find me in the picture below?

Here, this one is easier:

We used public transportation and feet to travel. Jonathan really liked the subway.

Can you find me in this photo?

Ha ha. No, you won't, because I was working the day that the boys went to see the Statue of Liberty.


Let's see. Then I know Tim and Jonathan went to the Bronx Zoo, but apparently they didn't take any pictures of that. They also spent some time in Central Park. Oh! Here's a Central Park photo.

And then we all went to the Natural History Museum:

(Even though we all went, you do not see Tim in the picture, or any pictures so far, because he was the Keeper of the Camera.)

Jonathan called this guy "Long Neck." They should let five year olds name dinosaurs.

The next day Tim and Jonathan were looking up at other things.

They went all the way to the top of the Empire State Building.

Tim was so excited about going up high that he finally took a picture of himself looking really excited and high.

Up high, that is.

Times Square:

Talk about excited....
Oh, and we visited the campus of Columbia, to see where I spent my Mondays through Saturdays....

Brooklyn botanical gardens were nice.

As was pizza with Adam. Except Jonathan found the restaurant a little smokey. (Something burning in the brick oven in the corner.)

And that was it.

Or at least, those were the pictures taken. I also met up with an old friend, visited the MoMA (thanks Alyssa), and spent time in the park in the rain.



Tiffany said...

You should know that I was this close to figuring out a way to head up there and invite myself to brunch with you guys. I would have loved to have met you in person!

Mark and Emily said...

I'm jealous...I want to go to NY

Soul-Fusion said...

Looks like you (or at least your family) had a great time in NYC! So glad we were able to meet up - I just wish I hadn't been so distracted by work that I didn't take a single photo! Because I think that is what bloggers are supposed to do when they meet up in real life :)