Monday, January 26, 2009

6 things happening

My mother asked today what is going on in our lives. So here are a few items, Mom.

1. Slush is falling out of the sky, and has been falling all day. Tomorrow's forecast: Snow in the morning. Great. Another one of those drives.

2. Tim and I spoke in church today. It's actually only the second church talk I've given in six wards and ten years. I was surprisingly nervous. I talk in front of people all the time, so I didn't expect to be nervous. I guess being stuck in front of a podium, with a religious topic, changes things. I'm happy it's over.

3. We read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to Jonathan over several nights. He loves that book. Now we're reading The Book of Three. He isn't into that one quite as much -- the language and vocabulary is a little bit more advanced. We've tried Harry Potter in the past with no luck, too. What's a book that a little boy who likes the first would enjoy?

4. I've been helping out in primary on Sundays. I sit with the 3 year olds, and keep an eyeball on my own 4 year old. My guy has a friend in his class, and together they are real beasts. How do I train a 4 year old not to sit on his friend during primary? What if the friend starts it by wrestling him to the floor? Four years old and he's already the terror in the primary. This is a problem. Neither Tim, nor I, was this problem child. I think we have an Emily. (Just kidding, Emily. I only say that because your mom does.) Ideas?

5. Jonathan has been taking spelling tests on Fridays. He likes them, and it gives us an excuse to make him practice his handwriting, which has been pretty much illegible until this month. On last week's list: why, play, see, they, that, at. Bonus word: seven. He was so excited to bring home 100%. (Maybe if he could get 100%'s in primary he'd settle down?)

6. The week before last he took a practice spelling test on Wednesday, and announced to us at dinner that he got "a big fat F" on his test, because he looked at Caleb's paper. We had a really hard time not laughing at that announcement. His teacher let them all try again, now that they knew not to look at each others' papers. Jonathan's teacher is quite traditional. We like her a lot.

So there you go. Six things happening in our lives.

Full disclosure: I started out intending to write 10, but since this is my blog, I can turn it off when I want. Stay tuned for four more exciting things sometime. Maybe.

You're welcome, Mom.


malcolmpurcell said...

Jonathan does remind me of Emily sometimes - she could be a little "bugger"! However - Em never acted up in school or church - until she got into high school and then she just didn't show!
But look at Emily now! She's a great role model!!!!

Jonathan is just testing his limits - and yours. It takes some kids longer to figure out what is acceptable behavior.

Or - maybe he and Caleb are bored in Primary. A good leader gets the more - shall we say "active" children to help hold pictures, etc.

Grandma loves you Jonathan!

Mark and Emily said...

Hmm...if you got a child like me, that must mean I'm going to get one like Tim :) Ha, ha! Wait until he comes home with tattoos (okay, I only have one) and piercings (of which I have multiple ones, but they remain only in the ears these days). Enjoy!

Letterpress said...

Have you tried the Redwall series yet? Peter loved that.

P.S. Looking forward to the other four--kind of like the sealed portion of the BoM, yes?

lenalou said...

Tried Roald Dahl? Maybe Danny, Champion of the World. I always enjoyed that around the LW&W era.