Friday, October 17, 2008

Being female

Last night I reminded Tim of an important fact.

"If I were to get a sex change, we would be a gay couple."

And then asked an important question:

"How would that make you feel about same sex marriage?"

For the record, I probably won't be getting a sex change any time soon. However, I'm leaving all my options open for dealing with my chronic migraines.

Because of my womanhood, I can expect migraines multiple times per month. I get them during my period, within a few days before or after my period, and within a few days plus and minus the mid-cycle mark. Often I can kill them just as they begin with pain killer and extra sleep. However, when they do take hold I end up spending a day or two vomiting, crying, and in intense physical pain. They are almost always accompanied by mild depression. While the pain killer can hold off the vomiting, it doesn't always block the depression. I find myself wondering, why I am so upset?

Oh right. Mid-cycle.

If I were male, I would not be getting the same migraines. I know this because of (a) the regular timing, and (b) the fact that I had no migraines when I was pregnant. My mother will interject here and say she knows a better solution than sex change: I could ensure I'm pregnant all the time! The only problem with that is that pregnancy hormones are worse. I spent all but the first seven weeks of my pregnancy with debilitating back pain, nausea, and mild depression. At least the migraines only last a couple of days each.

So maybe with some pre-migrainal depression looming on the horizon, I should cheer us all up by listing a few good reasons to remain female.

1. Females don't have to scrape a razor over their face every morning.

I like to put the most important reasons first on my lists.

2. Females aren't called Saturday mornings by their church group presidents for assistance in moving pianos and washing machines.

3. ...

I'm not actually coming up with much here. Tim's help: "sexy underwear." But Tim, I could still wear that as a man.

OK, this is now a PG-13 blog. So I'll stop.

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Thora said...

I personally think women get better clothing. And more hair options (unless you're Tim, and then you take more hair options anyway.) And our deodorant smells better. And we have less hair.

Plus, once I read an article about a man getting a sex change operation while waiting at the GP's, and it was quite disturbing (especially the details about the operation.)