Friday, January 20, 2017

More travel log

Ok. Still going with the travel log here.

Next day of the fabulous holiday, we drove back to Wilson's Prom, and did the 90 minute hike to the top of Mount Bishop. The views were spectacular!
What you don't get from the photos is any sense of temperature. So I will tell you about the temperature. It was hot. And a little muggy. There had been some rain earlier, and the sun was heating all that haze. We were kind of sweaty.

And then we got to the top, and we all took pictures in which we were smiling and acting happy.
But what the selfie doesn't show is that there were dozens of biting flies living up there at the top of the mountain. And they thought that I looked really good. (Because I do, don't I? I look really good there with my gorgeous finger and my hiking hat and the turquoise waters far off in the distance.)

Anyway, the flies thought I looked really good and so they started sampling my flesh and decided that indeed, I tasted really good.

And so that was enough for me. The views were not worth the flies. We trekked back down off the mountain before taking the group photo up at the top. Sorry.

To cool off, we spent the afternoon on Norman beach. This time, I brought along a boogie board.
You have no idea how much I love those things. The waves weren't too huge, but there were large enough waves every now and then to go for a ride. Jonathan tried the boogie board for a while, and he had fun, but he let me have the board back when I asked for it nicely. Then Tim and Jonathan walked up and down the beach, looking at shells. And my parents camped out on the sand, occasionally venturing into the water to get their feet wet. It was lovely. This is the right way to spend January, my friends.

What else? In my travel log, I have not yet said anything about the wildlife we saw, except the birds. We also saw kangaroos and wallabies and Tim and Jonathan saw a wombat. We were hoping to spot an emu, because that could go onto our bird list, and because emus are supposed to live in Wilson's Prom. But no luck.

I have also said very little about driving. I was the only driver on the car. Tim was the designated navigator. For a while, that meant he sat in the front, until my Dad got voted out of the back for being too tall. Tim does ok navigating from the back seat. In any case, the driving was mostly just boring, especially driving home from the adventure.

And then we were home. And this would be a good place to stop, and start again another day with the next adventures, but I've got some momentum, so I'll finish up.

Monday after our return, we took a walking tour of the city centre of Melbourne, and we saw a lot of lovely sights. Like a possum in a tree.

And the Royal Exhibition building, built in the 1880s.
And Parliament House. And the QV market. And laneways. And Skeletor.

Great walking tour. I recommend it.

Tuesday I sent my parents off on the Great Ocean Road on their own. I also recommend that.

Wednesday we somehow ended up taking trains for about five hours. Just to do something different.
My parents sat on the train writing their memoirs.

Then we got off the train and saw ... some mud.
Then we got back on the train and they wrote their memoirs some more.
One last picture: Jonathan in front of his school. Grandma and Grandpa wanted to take a picture of him there.
And that was it! That was all. The parents boarded a plane, and we went back to plain old boring life without them. And that's where we are now.

Next post: something about the plain old boring life, I guess.

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