Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stress reduction?

I went to the dentist today.

We discussed my tramatic episode of giant swollen gums.

The dentist and hygienist both agreed that it was stress related, and that I should practice stress reduction in my life to save my poor bleeding gums.

They wanted to know what stress I experienced before said incident. I explained that the semester was just starting, that I was designing two classes, that I was finding substitutes and travelling internationally, that I was giving a pair of important presentations in a country I had never visited, where I did not speak the language.

They expressed noises of sympathy. That did sound stressful.

Then they asked where I went for this international travel.


Tokyo? Wow. That sounds great. How was the trip?

Um. I just told you how it was. Stressful enough to make my gums swell up into balloons.

No, no -- aside from that. How was it otherwise?


Speaking of stress reduction, I have some funds I am supposed to use on my research. But the only thing my research is really lacking right now is time. How can I use my funds to buy back my time?

Please send suggestions as soon as possible, before my gums swell up again and I die.

Death by gum disease.

That sounds so pathetic. I'm making myself cry.


Tiffany said...

I have one word for you: cloning. I think that's the only solution.

Letterpress said...

You didn't mention that you probably had to eat with chopsticksk while you were there--more stress!!

Congratulations on your Sloane Fellowship! I'm happy to be related to someone so smart, so talented, so clever . . . so stressed. Play with J. That ought to help.