Friday, September 24, 2010

Family TV time

We don't actually watch TV much. But Tim wanted to see a show last Monday just before Jonathan's bedtime. So Jonathan wanted to watch it too. Alas, Jonathan does not watch TV like an ordinary couch potato. Jonathan watches TV like a potato in a frying pan -- crackling and popping and jumping around the couch.

This particular exchange happened near the end of the program when Tim was a bit frustrated.

Jonathan: *Gasp* "He just said a Bad Word. Did you hear him? He said a Bad Word."


Jonathan: "Why did he say a Bad Word, Daddy?"

Daddy: "Jonathan, hush. I'm trying to listen."

Jonathan: "But he said a Bad Word! Did you hear him? He said a Bad Word. Why did he say a Bad Word? That was a Bad Word."

Daddy: "Jonathan, not now. Be quiet, please."

Jonathan: "It was a Bad Word. Why, Daddy, did he say a Bad Word?"

Daddy: "Jonathan! Shut. Up."

Jonathan: *Gasp*. "Now Daddy said a Bad Word! That was a Bad Word, Daddy. Why did you say a Bad Word?"


And that, my friends, was the end of all of our family TV time for the next seven years.

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Letterpress said...

I remember the first time I heard my Dad say hell. It was on the order of, you are frustrating me beyond belief you little pre-teen, now be quiet and go to bed! Only with the bad word.

It's about the only time I heard him lose it. It made me feel better when, 25 years hence, I did the same thing.