Friday, October 16, 2015

Autumn, part II

A little over a week has made a big difference in the season. Many more leaves have begun changing colors, and the world is very lovely here now. Here are a few trees around my office.

The big yellow one just outside:

The bright red ones at the pond:

(You wouldn't know it, but these are the same trees and the same pond. Different lighting.)

The trees near the bus stop.

Last Saturday, Jonathan and I went to a local farm to pick pears and drink fresh apple cider.

And then Sunday, family came to visit and throw acorns into the pond!

I love family, and I will offer all the acorns nearby if you would like to come and throw them in the pond. There are lots of acorns.

I feel like autumn is now being adequately represented by the leaves around our house. Thank you. I am satisfied.

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Equinox said...

Beautiful colors! Our leaves in the mountains are getting there, too!