Saturday, June 4, 2011


Sometimes I feel inadequate.

Like my head is full of mostly plaster instead of brains.

I know there are brains in there, but all the thoughts have to spend so long traveling back and forth through the plaster, that sometimes I get stuck in stupidity.

And that makes me feel inadequate.


I have been traveling, and writing posts, but not posting them. Sometime soon I will post my traveling posts. Maybe even this weekend, because I have a weekend. It would probably be better for my career to spend the weekend sitting quietly and trying to coax my thoughts through the plaster. But that sounds like a headache waiting to happen.

And plus, family gets first dibs on weekend anyway. Not career.

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Letterpress said...

Well, Inadequate will dog you the rest of your life. It's become a comfortable companion of mine, much like a slobbering golden retriever, or a sideache after a long walk. It's there, but it's not me.

And you are really quite adequate on so many fronts that I can see. Yessirre, I'm happy to know you and call you my niece. Keep up the good work. Even if you feel inadequate.