Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happiness is...

... Grades submitted. Finally.

... Two days of predicted sunshine before another weekend of predicted snow.

... A student who says he sees the problem with the writing, and he will fix it. On his own. Thank you, student.

... Eight shade perennials planted in the front garden. Four to go. And who would have ever thought that I'd take up gardening as a hobby?

... Slightly sore muscles, from the gardening, but also from biking around town slightly late to everything. I like it when the muscles hurt just enough to tell you they are there, and that you've been working hard, doing good, but they don't hurt enough to interrupt regular life.

... Going to bed early.

... And waking up at a reasonable hour.

... Grant money appearing in my research account. Yeah projects!

... A clean and organized office. And only two unread emails.

... Strawberry season.

... Knowing how to spell corroborate. And using it correctly in a sentence.

... Figuring out 3 times 365 in my head, and telling The Boy the right answer. And then having him respond with, "Oh. I go pee 1095 times in a year."

What the?

Happiness. It isn't always what you would expect.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a relaxing summer is on
it's way.